Dubai Property Expo

Central London Real Estate has partnered with the largest Property Developers in the world to realise the Dubai Property Expo.

The Dubai Property Expo is a private one-on-one consultation, directly with Corporate Executives from the Developer flown in specifically for the event to discuss investment strategies tailored to suit a purchaser’s individual specific requirements. Discussions include a range of payment plans and privileged access to not released and off-market developments.

Prominent property developers that have built benchmark properties such as the luxurious Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel, the Burj Dubai Tower in addition to most of Dubai, have the largest portfolio of diverse investment properties imaginable.

The Dubai Property Expo event is not advertised and is genuinely by invitation only and our guests are provided the VVIP treatment in luxury 5 Star Venues. Our events are typically held in strategic cities around the UK and also in Ghana and Nigeria.