Dubai VVIP Club

We all love special treatment, however only the elite few experience the indulgences, and the privileges that are provided free of charge, with the complements of the Dubai VVIP Club.

The invitation only membership, provides distinct advantages, such as residency in Dubai, and enabling exclusive priority access to premier and pre-launch property developments in Dubai.

A senior executive from the number one property developer on earth, is flown in from Dubai, to provide a private one-on-one consultation service to optimise wealth creation and lifestyle options.

Solutions are specifically designed to the individual’s requirements, such as incorporating bespoke tax strategies and interest free payment plans.

This world class consultation service is conducted in a private meeting room, within a conveniently located luxury 5 Star Hotel. This comfortable environment is conducive to conducting a professional appraisal and achieving profound results that are not otherwise available.

We are currently scheduling meetings in Accra, Abuja, Lagos and Cape Town.