Property Management

RentPaidOnTime является добавленная стоимость решения по управлению имуществом, которое обеспечивает финансовую безопасность для портфельных недвижимости арендодателей.

The property management includes a bundle of services specifically designed, to virtually make property ownership, litigation, risk and hassle free, at a price usually commanded by any single of these services.

Property Management Services:

The property management is provided by a highly experienced team of 19 ARLA-qualified property management specialists, who are a licensed member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents and have over 4,000 properties currently under management.

The service is marketed under the brand RentPaidOnTime and is far more than just property management.


Gone are the days of:

  • Time-consuming legal issues;

  • Annoying cash-flow voids;

  • Constant damage and re-placements;

  • Infuriating non-payment of rent;

  • Over-charged repair bills;

  • Learning Landlord legislative Acts;

RentPaidOnTime allows you to focus on your business, building your property portfolio.

How we protect your cash-flow:

  • £ 10,000 содержание страхование покрывает случайное и злонамеренный ущерб имуществу и мебели;

  • £50,000 Legal insurance – litigation with zero headache;

  • Professional valuation and rent review.

  • No-Void Rent Guarantee is unique. (not 2 or 3 months before it commences, pays 100%)

  • Rent Paid On Time every month irrespective of if the tenant pays or does not pay. (commencing first quarter 2016)

Services include:

  • Manage Tenant Referencing;

  • Rent collection;

  • Rental statements and full accounting reports;

  • Tenant phone calls answered 24/7/365;

  • Out-Of-Hours Emergency maintenance service;

  • On-line property management monitoring.

Rent-Paid-on-Time Guaranteed! By participating now, you get Rent-Paid-On-Time at no additional cost from first quarter 2016.


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