Центральный Лондон Недвижимость Ltd is a very strong international brand with an extensive portfolio of off-plan and new-built property in addition to off-market property, development sites and hotels within London and strategic cities in the UK. This niche is extended to the most premier off-plan property in mega-projects located in capital cities worldwide.

We also offer high yield investments such as Property Bonds, Airport Carparks & Storage Units in addition to exclusive UK Tier 1 investor immigration solution with unique first charge security. Our 5% Deposit Scheme provides cost effective mortgages to first time home buyers to dramatically improve affordability.

We provide a range of solutions to property developers worldwide such as exclusive VRV Imaging, freehold acquisition and participation in property expos throughout China in addition to providing innovative rental and property management solutions.

We are proud to represent Family Offices and manage a portfolio of over 2,000 quality rental properties in London and work closely to support the relocation and mobility industry.

We also provide high quality affordable serviced rooms and apartments on short, medium and long term accommodation solutions where no deposit or advance rent is required through our InnoLiving brand. Непрерывность арендных платежей и полной защиты контента достигается за счет нашей запатентованной BuddyCover.

Properties are sourced on a long term basis through Rent Advance, whereby one year’s rent is paid in advance with up to five year lease provided. Аренда Advance часто используется Застройщикам для обеспечения Купить 2 Rent project funding.

RentPaidOnTime property management is provided by our team of nineteen ARLA certified property managers delivering unprecedented levels of expertise. The service operates 24/7/365 and includes out-of-hours emergency call-out repairs. Управление имуществом дополнительно добавленную стоимость с предоставлением арендной платы на время, независимо от того, если арендатор платит или нет и всеобъемлющие содержание и юридические расходы охватывают. Решение замкнутого контура делает требование арендатора заплатить залог за ненадобностью.