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 Key сайта Один ,  Hunslow , Лондон For Sale

Key сайта Один , Hunslow , Лондон

    The prime site is designated as site M8 in the UDP. The site was granted for planning permission in 2002 for the comprehensive redevelopment of the site for mixed use

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 Broadway ,  Крауч Конец ,  Hornsey , Лондон For Sale

Broadway , Крауч Конец , Hornsey , Лондон

    The existing building was built in 1935 and is constructed of brown brick with stone dressing. It is mostly three storeys in height with a tall rectangular tower situated to

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 Brent Cross Criclewood For Sale

Brent Cross Criclewood , Лондон

    Innohabitat Ltd and Hammerson and Standard Life the owners of the shopping centre are seeking a development partner to lead the delivery of Brent Cross Cricklewood project extension which will

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£6,700,000 Вилла на острове Фелисите,  Сейшельские острова  2 For Sale

Вилла на Фелисите Остров , Сейшельские острова

    5 bedroom Villa on Felicite Island, Seychelles A 1200 Sq/M five bed residence with Ocean Views, Swimming Pool, Veranda, Wifi Access, Air Conditioning, Beach in close proximity, Bar, Cafe, Сад,

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£8,300,000 Шато Беллингем Эстейт For Sale

Chateau Bellingham недвижимости в Экс-ле-Бен , Франция

    11 bedroom Chateau Bellingham Estate in Aix les Bains, France ITS HISTORY Historically famous personalities have lived at the Chateau, or in Tresserve or Aix Les Bains. Lord Bellingham became

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£1,425,000 Колониальный дом 1 For Sale

Колониальный Дом на Лонг-Бей , Провиденсиалес , Теркс и Кайкос

    3 bedroom Apartment / Condominium in Long Bay, Провиденсиалес , Turks and Caicos Islands This three bedroom corner suite features an open floor plan and grand ambiance. Generous sliding glass panels

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Exclusive Prestige Estates in desirable locations around the world. Мы экспортируем землю ищете самых эксклюзивных собственности и симпатичный на Планете . Kindly contact us so that we can provide you with a personalised service to assist with your specific requirements.

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