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Proven Investment Opportunity

Park First would like to introduce a new commercial property opportunity designed for today’s astute investor that we believe is low risk and highly profitable.

The proposition is for an investor to purchase an individual long stay airport parking space that is leased back and managed on your behalf by a well established airport parking company with over 20 years experience.

A unique feature of the investment is the on-line booking software and number place recognition systems which allows for a very hands-off approach to benefit end users and investors alike.

Airport car parking provides higher yields than other traditional ‘buy-to-let’ investments. The scale of popularity and the rise of interest in car park investments are exemplified by the global market size, which is estimated by Colliers to be worth $12.6 billion.

Investors worldwide understand the need for airport car parking and with many car parks operating at almost full capacity on a daily basis this investment is proving very popular as well as lucrative.

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